Buffalo TeraStation multiple vulnerabilities

Command injection and file disclosure.

Posted by Andrea Fabrizi on January 30, 2013

Buffalo’s TeraStation network attached storage (NAS) solutions offer centralized storage and backup for home, small office and business needs.

The firmware is based on Linux ARM and most of the internal software is written using Perl.

The vulnerabilities that I found allows any unauthenticated attacker to access arbitrary files on the NAS filesystem and execute system commands with root privileges.

Tested successfully on TS-XL, TS-RXL, TS-WXL, TS-HTGL/R5, TS-XEL with the latest firmware installed (v1.57). Surely other versions with the same firmware are vulnerable.

sync.cgi unauthenticated arbitrary file download

Requesting an unprotected cgi, it’s possible, for an unauthenticated user, to download any system file, included /etc/shadow, which contains the password shadows for the application/system users.


Moreover, using the key all it’s possible to download the entire /var/log directory:


dynamic.pl NTP command injection

This vulnerability allows authenticated users to execute arbitrary commands on the system with root privileges.

POST /dynamic.pl HTTP/1.1
Content-Length: 89
Cookie: webui_session_admin=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_en_0


It’s possible to view the command output using the previous vulnerability (reading the /tmp/output file).